Change of Internal policy affecting our international customers 

Dear ******
We are writing to let you know about an important change.
As a valued International customer of HSBC Singapore, you will appreciate that our products and services are provided in accordance with local regulatory requirements. This means that not all products and services are available to all customers, in all geographical locations.
Our records indicate that you are a resident of Japan and going forward, should you need to purchase new investment products or to open new investment account, you can do so when you visit our International Wealth Hub in Singapore.
Purchase of new investment products or Opening a new investment account will not be available through Online Banking and HSBC SG App.
Please be assured that your existing account and access to your holdings under Wealth Dashboard through Online Banking and HSBC SG App is not affected by this change.
If your country of residence has changed, please download the form at
HSBC Singapore website > Help & Support > Forms and downloads > Update personal particulars and contact details form
and return the completed form to us so that we can update our records. 
For any questions or clarifications you have, please contact your Relationship Manager or our 24-hour HSBC customer service hotline at 1800 4722 669 or (65) 6472 2669 (from overseas).
Yours sincerely

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why is HSBC Singapore implementing this when other banks in Singapore have not done so?
We`re not able to comment on the practice of other banks. Based on your country of residence, HSBC Singapore will no longer be able to offer investment products through online banking or the mobile banking due to guidelines which HSBC Singapore will need to comply with.
2. Can I purchase investment products if I come to Singapore?
Yes, you may be able to purchase investment products when you visit the International Wealth Hub in Singapore.
3. What will happen to existing investment products currently held under my account?
There`ll be no change to any existing invesment products under your account. You can continue to review or sell your investment holdings under Wealth Dashboard in online and mobile banking.
4. My country of residence has changed. Will I still be impacted by this?
Please download the form at HSBC Singapore website > Help & Support > Forms and downloads > Update personal particulars and contact details form and return the completed form to us so that we can update your particulars. After we receive your update, we can access and inform you if there will be any impact to the services HSBC Singapore can offer you.